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Unleash Your Inner Disruptor: Empowerment through disruption

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Empowerment Through Disruption

Welcome to Week Three of this transformative series! I'm excited to delve into a concept that can redefine the course of your life: "Empowerment Through Disruption." I'm Coach Jimi Dowds, and today, we're going to explore seven powerful disruptors that affect us daily. These disruptors have the potential to either keep you confined within limitations or propel you toward a future of boundless potential.

The Birthright and Empowerment of Disruption

Disruption is no stranger to us. From the moment we entered this world, we disrupted the peaceful slumber of our parents. Think about that for a moment—disruption was our birthright! We're wired to be disruptors, and it's high time we channeled this power for our own betterment.

Disruption for Good

The world is filled with two kinds of disruptors: the ones that drain our energy, and the ones that infuse us with vitality. Picture them as muggers—one is out to steal your happiness, while the other seeks to fill your life with joy, love, and prosperity. The secret lies in knowing which one to welcome and which one to thwart.

The Seven Invisible Disruptors

Let's dive into the seven invisible disruptors that can either make or break your journey to success:

1. Crush the Crutches

We often use our past traumas as crutches to justify our present struggles. The truth is, these crutches can become our prisons, holding us back from the life we deserve. Every morning, make a resolute decision to break free from these crutches. Refuse to be a victim; instead, become a victor who disrupts the chains of the past.

Break free from the crutches

2. Fear: A Straw Man

Fear is merely a scarecrow—a phantom that seems immense up close but diminishes as you rise above it. Jump into the metaphorical helicopter of courage, soar higher, and witness your fear shrink into insignificance. Don't let fear dictate your choices; let it be the catalyst for your bravest decisions.

Fear is a Straw Man
Straw Man

3. Disrupt Comfort Zones

Comfort zones can be our greatest adversaries. Embrace discomfort as a tool for transformation. Just as I start my day with a cold shower, challenge yourself to seek out discomfort. Break free from the path of least resistance; instead, pursue the uncharted territories where growth and opportunity thrive.

Embrace Discomfort like a cold shower
Cold Shower

4. Crush Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are mental shackles that hold us back. We are not defined by the labels placed on us by others or ourselves. Break the chains of these beliefs and open yourself to the realm of endless possibilities. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf defied insurmountable odds to become the first female African president—proof that you too can rise above the limitations.

5. Tackle Procrastination Head-On

Procrastination is the thief of time. Instead of waiting for the "perfect moment," seize the day with unwavering determination. Don't put off what you can do today; disrupt the cycle of delay and watch your productivity soar.

6. Silence the Complainer

Complaints breed negativity and hinder progress. Disrupt the habit of complaining, and instead, focus on the blessings within every situation. Compliments and positive actions can pave the way for transformation, not only in your life but also in the lives of those around you.

7. Swap Pleasure for Purpose

Redefine your relationship with pleasure and pain. Challenge yourself to find pleasure in the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that lead to ultimate fulfillment. Don't let instant gratification dictate your choices; disrupt the cycle by placing value on the pursuit of purpose.


Today, you stand at a crossroads. Will you be the disruptor or the disrupted? Remember, you possess the power to disrupt your limitations, to shatter the barriers that hold you back. Embrace your inner disruptor, and watch as your life transforms before your eyes. Rosa Parks, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and countless others have shown that disruption can be harnessed for good. Break free from the grip of mediocrity; choose to be the disruptor who reshapes your destiny.

Embrace these seven disruptors, infuse them into your daily routine, and witness the remarkable transformation that unfolds. Every moment presents an opportunity to disrupt your life for the better—don't wait for change to find you, become the change you seek. Let's disrupt the status quo together and embrace a life of boundless potential.

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