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The Global Vision


Ignite the greatness hidden deep within one billion people on planet earth .
Without a vision worth dying for many have died and are dying .
But the moment you discover the greatness and grand plan designed for you before the beginning of time  and the vastness and greatness of the fathers love that’s rooting and fighting for you,
Your whole future is transformed for ever .
Almost everyone has heard about the loving , saving and forgiving God .
But not so many have been introduced to the “ far more abundantly God" in Ephesians 3 v 20 .
Abraham was almost ninety five with only one son in his mind . God decided it was time to take him for a walk and introduce him to the far more God in the stars .
Joseph was a young man also at the end of his rope when God takes him to the palace and introduces him to the far more God .
My main mission in life is let to introduce the far more miracle working God to the millions of people who feel they have nothing left in the tank .
Most arrive at the wrong conclusion in that moment and give up thinking its game over .
They could not be further from the truth .
Its in that very moment like Abe and Joe that your are absolutely ready to be introduced and you discover like never before .  Its game on !
Going to be very honest here, the outcomes taking place are way beyond anything I ever imagined.
And yes it can happen for you too .

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